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  IOT based Battery Health monitoring Dashboard
  Quality Control and Stastical Analysis of Industrial Battery for Exide
  Gatepass System For Indus Mobie Towers
  Mobile tower uptime KPI Monitoring System For for Indus
  e-Tickiting System for Ecopark,MWM, EcoCottage run by HIDCO
  Online Test Engine
  GST compliant Biling System
  Online wage register
  Android app for project tracking
  Mobile App for Car
  GST helpdesk System
  Queue Management software for Apollo Gleneagles Kolkata
Marking it foray into the healthcare and hospital industry, Rtizen has bagged the contract to develop a Queue Management software for Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, a forerunner among private players in the industry. The Queue Management software will help the hospital authorities manage and systematize their patient flow. The software comes with digital display system, to provide accurate and easy directions to patients.
  TIS sold to Indian Tourism Pvt Ltd
The Indian Tourism Pvt Ltd, a private tourism company operating in Kolkata is reaping the benefits of the Tourist Information System, a data warehousing solution that helps store, manage and classify data for subsequent use. It includes creating and maintaining a data dictionary and the functionality to transform data and retrieve metadata.
  TestMate installed at Old Monk Stuff
TestMate, a unique test engine developed and marketed by AAR Technologies and Software Solution Pvt Ltd, has been purchased by Old Monk Stuff for their associate GRE coaching program. The test engine available in online and offline versions is used for conducting tests, maintaining database and providing analyses. Its flexible setup allows it to function for all sorts of tests conducted in a multiple question format.
  Philips India logistics under construction
Philips India, the country’s leading electronics guru, has purchased a Logistics management system for us to keep track of goods in transit, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material-handling, and packaging.
  A classified solution for Indian Army
The Indian Army has bestowed the responsibility to develop certain applications with AAR Technologies Pvt Ltd. However, the particulars of the project cannot be revealed due to internal security reasons.
  Complain Management System for Philips India co-makers
A Complain Management System for Philips India Pvt Ltd is underway. This would enable the company to handle complaints and grievances from its co-makers better.
  Solutions provided to SBI
The leading public sector bank, State Bank of India is all set to install Rtizen’s solutions for better and smoother functioning of their systems.
  Flagship product E-arogya being launched in April
Our flagship project E-arogya, a patient data management and analyzing tool is ready for launch in April 2009. This application will help doctors maintain a database of their patients along with all the crucial data like symptoms, prescription, disease list, operation history etc.
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