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When we start working with you, meaning, when you entrust us with your website or a particular application, we need to get down with some written agreement. This document officially called Project Document would have everything beginning from what we are supposed to do for you up to how much you are going to pay us for what we do.
After we have put down everything on paper between us and you, we need to some more stuff down- this time on our computers. We need to chalk every phase, every bend, every move that we are going to take with an application or a website. In short this is the phase where we harbor that great corporate activity called PLANNING.
Now construction is the most no-nonsense part of any and every project. This is when we put our heads down, forget food and water for a few days in office (so that we can have gala feasts one the project ends) and create what we have promised to give you in that huge project document.
A Process to our methods of functioning...
Sure we might sound Mad but there is a method to our madness and a PROCESS to our methods of functioning. All software programs and websites designed have a story to tell- they all have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Once the product is ready the programmers and designers gladly call the testing team and get hibernating. This testing team has to check if every link on a portal responds to a click of the mouse, every image looks like it’s supposed to look and that every application behaves its way. The testing team is indeed on the slimiest rope because if anything ever goes wrong anywhere with a program the onus sooner falls on them and they get to hear all the music on the earth.
Now it is your turn to treat us to coffee because once your program is ready we are going to visit your office with our programmer and install the application on your systems, show you how it works and leave with the expectation of receiving our check from you soonest.
  When you put down the Project Document, we do not simply charge for formulating the application for you. We take complete responsibility of our programs and if ever anything goes wrong at your end just give us a call. We’ll fix it for you- that’s what we understand by Maintenance you see.
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