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Conducting tests, managing stacks of answer sheets, and printing out hundreds of copies of questions…it’s time we bid adieu to this cumbersome process of testing students.
TestMate brings a one stop solution for educational training and coaching institutes, introducing testing, analyses and question format. TestMate is an open source test engine that enables faculties to create subject based questions banks and test their students in a multiple choice or true/false setup. The students in turn can analyze and compare their scores against their earlier performances and also against the performance of other students. Result will be visible to students immediately after the completion of the test, if the admin so wishes.
This application can be used both as online (internet based) and offline (intranet based) application and comes without any licensing charges because it has been developed in free source using JAVA, POSTGRESQL. To add to the user’s convenience, the application can be run on both WINDOWS and LINUX.
  Admin/faculty will be able to set
Automated Process for :
Admin/Moderator rights for complete control over content – questions can be set/changed/edited by admin.
Image and text questions – questions can be typed out in case of text, or browsed and uploaded in case of images (geometrical diagrams, formula, etc.)
Faculties/Paper Setter :
Create and Edit Subjects with chapters
Create/Edit Test
Creating Question Paper Bank
Edit Questions and answer options (distracters)
Usage of Images as exhibit
Test and Assignments :
User Registration – this will also create a database of students who appear for the test
Time duration constraint – application will close automatically when time is up
Mark Unanswered – questions not attempted will be marked as not attempted
Browse through Marked answers – a question can be marked to be answered later. On attempting the last question, the student can browse through all questions that have been marked for postponed answering
Elaborate test analysis after every test - not only subject wise but also chapter wise performance analysis
Me and Myself Analysis - comparing scores with earlier performance
Me and others Analysis (chapter wise percentile) – comparison with other students’ scores
Selection of question Analysis – analysis of the average student response to particular questions. How many students have attempted which question and whether choosing a particular question was a wise or an unwise choice. This decision will be taken on the basis of data collected with test results
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